Holbrook Device Installation Instructions

Make sure rifle is unloaded and close the bolt.

Remove trigger assembly and stock. With receiver upside down, remove follower rod w/recoil  spring. Note position of follower arm, bullet guide and op rod catch.

Remove follower arm pin which runs through receiver.

Remove old op rod catch.

Lubricate the Device and install, spring down against the receiver, being careful not to bend the spring.

Make sure the Device, the follower arm and the bullet guide are in position then re-install follower arm pin, you may need to push  the Device down against the spring to insert the pin. Make sure that the Device is free to move up and down under spring pressure.

Reattach recoil spring follower rod to follower arm with the  curve down into the slot in the Device. Attach stock and install trigger assembly…

The installed Device should look like the photo. Click Here for an x-large downloadable photo